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Hello, Whaley Design is a family-owned business catering to the individual or small business.  We provide consulting on computer hardware and software, and on web design and training.  We specialize in client-side web design and maintenance, computer support of both Macintosh and Intel-based systems, and education and training of both computers and the internet.  We now provide Oracle DBA work as well.  Links to the specials for the web design, computer support, training, and the Whaley Design Web Store are located under "Site Links" in the left frame.  If you wish more information on any service, please email, call the number located at the top of the web site.  If calling, and we're not available, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

I accept checks, money orders, or you can pay by credit card via PayPal, a free service for secure transactions with credit cards or checking accounts.  To order any package on the site via PayPal, sign up and then send payment through email to  Mention the package, price and your name or business name, address and phone number in your email and you are set.  That's it!  Once received, I will contact you to provide the service you have selected.  Click on the link below for more information:

I accept PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions! 

Web Design and Maintenance

Educational and Training Services

Computer Support

Oracle DBA

Web Development and Maintenance

We charge a flat rate of $45 per hour on developing and maintaining a web page site for your business or personal presence on the internet. Depending upon the complexity of the page to be designed for your business or yourself, there may be additional charges. An estimate for services requiring research time, designing of home page, and maintenance costs will be provided upon request. For an existing web site that are in need of updating, we will evaluate the page and present a proposal for updates base upon my opinion of the current home page site, approximately how long it would require to finish, and the maintenance costs. Information for the design and maintenance of web page sites can be made through in-person consultation (subject to travel expenses), by email, by instant messaging with ICQ (WhaleyDesign) or Yahoo (WhaleyDesign), by phone, or by fax (413-674-7272).

We can also suggest and/or acquire your personal or commercial internet access or web hosting.  There are many options out there including xDSL, ISDN, and standard dialup.  For your web hosting needs, I can provide you with hosting on my site for $10-$30 per month, depending upon storage needs, or you may setup your own domain.  We am an authorized reseller for Host Country USA and Network Solutions.  Click on the links below for more information.  Just need a domain?  Search for your domain in the domain search box and follow the instructions.

Computer Support

For computer diagnosis and repair at your home or office, we charge $50 for the first hour, and $35 per hour thereafter. We have fifteen years experience with Macintosh systems, including Apple System 6.x through 8.x operating systems, hardware and software upgrades, and applications.  We also have eight years experience with PC Compatibles, including Windows 3.1x/Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows NT Workstation/Windows 2000, applications, diagnosis and repair of software and hardware problems, and upgrading peripherals. Software support includes most major business applications including Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, and Corel.  For a service fee of 10%, we can set up, or advise upon, a computer best suited to your needs. If you so choose, setting up the computer can include pricing and ordering depending upon what needs you have.

Education Services

As part of Web Development and Maintenance or Computer Design and Repair, we can educate you on your new system or how to maintain your web site.  The base rate is $35 per hour.

Oracle Database Administration

Oracle Database Administration can be provided for $80 per hour.  For more information on services provided, please contact us.